About us

Caladium Systems Pvt Ltd, is a privately held technology company, incorporated to assist with the needs of the people, using latest technologies to enhance and empower users, in their activities. It is aNex-Gen Enterprise focused on delivering e-services to the general public using technology as a back-bone to improve the quality of delivery and making it convenient to access.

The company is ably supported in its purpose of enabling its motto of spreading joy thru technology,by a team of experienced professionals in sales, technology, process and administration. CaladiumSystems Pvt. Ltd, hopes to achieve business success through optimal and seamless use of technologyfor its products and services, to provide enhanced and unforgettable user experiences for its clientsand vendors.

ePanchang team consists of domain experts in Astronomy, Astrology and Application Development who have built this portal from scratch. It has taken about 2 years of extensive research and development in building the Personalised Panchangam, Horoscope Matching and Horoscope generation application from scratch.

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