FAQ - Personalized Panchangam

How does personalized panchangam work?

Personalized panchangam is a customized panchangam calendar, prepared for you; It is your today good time panchangam based on birthdate, time and place, calculated to present your good dates for any period in time.

What is the significance of yellow colour in my calendar?

Yellow colour is not the best of dates for you, but it is not a bad date. You may use these days if you cannot postpone it to a green date, which will be your tamil calendar good time

What is the significance of red colour in my calendar?

Red coloured dates and times are best avoided for any activity other than your regular activities. These dates are found unfavourable based on your panchangam on birthdate.

What is the significance of green colour in my calendar?

Green coloured dates and times are the best dates and times according to the tamil good time calendar. Any activity done on these dates and times will result in positive outcomes, based on the drik ganitha calculations.

How do I add other family members for personal panchangam?

The Tamil good time calendar allows you to add multiple members to your group. So, when the group personal panchangam is generated, to display today good time, it will show recommended good dates for all the members of the group.

What is the benefit of group panchangam?

Group panchangam is useful to identify good dates that are common for all group members. If for example, you want to identify good dates for your house warming ceremony or grihapravesam, you only have to add your spouse's birth details and you have on your screen, the recommended good dates and times common for both.

How do I find out the auspicious date and time for the bride and groom?

Finding auspicious dates and times for the bride and groom is also similar. Just add the partner's birth details, to get the most auspicious dates and times common for both the bride and the groom. ePanchangam on birthdate was never so easy.

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