Guru Peyarchi
Guru also known as Brihaspathi (Jupiter); it is a benefic planet and is the Guru of the Devas. Lord Guru was born to the Saint Angiras, who is the son of Lord Brahma and Chiratha devi. It takes 12 years for Guru (Jupiter) to complete the full zodiac signs. In each house it stays for one year. The movement of Guru from one house to another house is called Guru Peyarchi 2015.
Sani Peyarchi
Peyarchi is the movement or transit of a planet from one rasi to the next. Even though all planets transit from one rasi to the next, it is the Sani Peyarchi and Guru Peyarchi, which are considered very important. Sani or Saturn takes about 30 years to revolve around the Earth. This means that Sani will stay in one rasi for 2 and half years before he moves to the next rasi.
Rahu Peyarchi
Rahu is a powerful planet; it is called a shadow planet as it does not have a physical presence. Rahu enhances the power of the planets that he associates with. Hence, Rahu peyarchi 2015 produces good results if it associates with good planets and bad effects if it associates with bad planets. In fact, it can produce dangerous results when associating with bad planets.
Kethu Peyarchi
Ketu peyarchi is the process of transition to your rasi or moon sign in this period. This is not favourable for you and there would be untold miseries in life. During Kethu peyarchi, Worries and anxieties shall bother your spirits. You would be upset for the simplest things and your temper would run high for quite sometime. This is a testing time for you in general.
Chevvai Peyarchi
if Sevvai (Mars in English and sevvai in Tamil) is in the 7th, 8th houses from the Lagna or Chandran or Sukran, the horoscope is supposed to suffer from Sevvai Dosham. A horoscope with Sevvai Dosham should not be considered as matching for marriage with a horoscope which does not suffer from Sevvai Dosham. This is the general rule.
Sukra Peyarchi
When Sukra transits from one rasi to another (Venus in English and Sukran in Tamil). As per ancient Indian mythology, Venus is called Sukra, the guru for the asuras. He is called Sukracharya. Friday is the day Venus rules and it is called Sukravaram. Sukracharya is said to be the originator of astrology, architecture and flying ships.
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