Hindu Festival

Hindu Festival Dates 2018-2019

Day Year Date Festival Name
Wed2020Jan 29Vasant Panchami
Tue2020Mar 10Holi
Sat2020Mar 21Hindi New Year
Wed2020Mar 25Telugu New Year/ Ugadi
Thu2020Apr 2Ramanavami
Thu2020May 7thChitra Pournami
Sun2020July 05Guru Purnima
Sat2020Jul 25Nag Panchami
Mon2020Aug 31Onam
Sat2020Oct 17Navaratri begins
Thu2020Oct 22Durga Puja begins
Sun2020Nov 29Karthigai/Poornima
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Popular Hindu Festivals and brief descriptions about them

Hindu religion is very famously been termed as the religion of festivals as there are various festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. But since the Hindu calendar varies significantly with the English calendar, there are subtle questions regarding Hindu festival dates that are celebrated as per Vikram Samvat or the Hindi calendar.

There are lots of festivities in every month that you can enjoy and here are some brief details about some of the major festivals with the Hindu festival dates for the same to help you out.


This festival is celebrated to acknowledge the birth of Lord Rama who is a very popular Hindu deity and is worshipped throughout India. Especially, in the state of Uttar Pradesh which is also the birth place of Lord Rama, the celebrations are done on a very high scale. The festival is celebrated by keeping a fast of nine days and on the ninth day, unmarried girls are being feasted by the person who is fasting in order to celebrate the festival. Fares and carnivals are also arranged on the day across India to celebrate the festival.

As per the Hindu festival dates, the RamNavami is going to fall on April 15th in 2019 and March 5th in 2019.


This festival has a very great mythological story attached to it and is celebrated with a great social message. The festival is a symbol of win of good over the evil and it falls in the month of October as per the Hindu festival dates.

The festival is celebrated as Lord Rama got over the evil Ravana who kidnapped her wife Sita after an epic battle in which Lord Rama led a monkey troop to defeat the gigantic demons that were there in the Ravana’s army. As per the dates of Hindu calendar, the festival will be celebrated on the 11th of October this year and on 30th of September in 2019.


Summed as the biggest festival for the Hindus, the festival of lights as it is better known is celebrated to celebrate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya from Lanka after winning over the demon Ravana. Being one of the major festivals of Hindus, the preparations for Diwali begin in a week advance to the festival with people buying newer things to welcome Lord Rama.

During the Diwali period, most of the homes go through a major overhaul as they are properly cleaned and renovated by the people. On the day of festival, people celebrate by lilting lamps, distributing sweets and firing crackers. Almost all the cities illuminate on this special day which makes it one of the most celebrated festivals on the planet.

As the Hindu festival dates vary every year, this year Diwali is going to fall on 30th October while it will be celebrated on 19th of the same month in 2019.

In addition to this several other festivals like Holi, Makara Sankranthi, Navratri, Janmashtami, Raksha-Bandhan and various others are celebrated by the people following Hinduism. But in recent times, the popularity of these festivals has increased immensely with people following other sects also celebrating them with joy.