Navaratri Festival 2018

Navaratri Golu
Navaratri Golu
Celeberations Navaratri festival corresponds to a nine-day Taoist celebration
Type Religious

Navaratri is a festival celebrated all over India and much across the world with sizeable Indian population. On the navarathri the mother Goddess is worshipped in her nine forms on the nine days of celebrations. Navaratri here means 'nine nights'; it is a word of sanskrit origin. The tenth day following the nine days of celebrations is called Vijayadasami. It is also called Dasara.

Navarathri is believed to be the most appropriate time for the sadhana or prayer or meditating on Shakti, the source of absolute power and creative energy. The worship of Mother Goddess Durga, seems to date back to the times before the Vedic era.

It is believed that children born on the Navarathri period have the blessings of the Goddess Durga. It has been noted that some of these children do not like the smell of flesh and have started retching even as young as a year old. Such is the influence of the Goddess of Navarathri on them.

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