Ugadi 2019 date

Telugu New Year /Ugadi
Telugu New Year /Ugadi
Type Telugu, Maharashtrians, Kannadigas, Konkani, Balinese New Year's Day, Mauritius
Type Religious

Ugadi is the New Year's Day for the people of the Deccan region of India. The name Ugadi or Yugadi is derived from the Sanskrit words yuga (age) and Adi (beginning), meaning "the new age". It falls on a different day every year because the Hindu calendar is a lunisolar calendar. The Saka calendar begins with the month of Chitra and Ugadi marks the first day of the new year. Chitra is the first month in the panchangam or the Indian calendar.

In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka it is called Ugadi or Yugadi, in Maharashtra is Gudi Padwa Marwari, in Rajasthan it is their new year day Thapna. In Sindh it is their New Year day Cheti Chand. In Punjab the new year is Baisakhi, while in Tamilnadu is is the Tamil Puthandu.

Ugadi 2015 falls on March 21, 2015.

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