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Hindi Horoscope is just one of the better features provided here. Your hindi horoscope is part of the other horoscopes in many indian languages that are offered here. ePanchang is basically a site that provides different format of panchang information. What is panchang needs some explanation. To put it simply, panchang tells you the good times during the day where you can schedule important matters of your day to day life. Nobody needs to be told that you can miss your train even if you are late by a minute. Your hindi horoscope is prepared with the time, date and place of your birth, which are important to generate your horoscope. That tells us the importance of time. Taking the example of the train analogy further, the train leaves at 815pm; but it comes in on the platform at 7pm. So, one can get on the train from 7pm to 815pm. Similarly, in a day there are changes in the skies that bring in different planets in prominence. Your hindi horoscope will contain a rashi chart, which will indicate the position of the planets at the time of birth. During the time of the planets that are dominant, it may be good for certain activities, while not being so favourable for others. In your hindi horoscope, the different dasas and the antar dasas are clearly marked and you can be sure that when you make the pujan appropriate for the dasa and the antar dasa lords, you will be provided with much wanted relief from your problems, if there are any.

These good and not so good times may be defined exclusively for individuals. For this purpose, horoscope is required. This page here, titled Hindi Horoscope can print your northern style hindi horoscope or kundli for interpretation by an expert. What you get here are the basic details of an individual, with birth date, time and place as inputs. You also get the rasi chakra, navamsa chakra, the planetary positions at the time of birth of an individual. Dasa and bhukti are clearly marked in your Hindi horoscope, where the major dasas and the antar dasas are defined with their end dates while the dasa bhukti itself is calcuated for 120 years, allowing your hindi horoscope to be interpreted for your lifetime, based on the planet placements at the time of interpretation. Get your hindi horoscope, here and now.