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Your Horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth is an accurate depiction of the position of the planets at the time of your birth, in the Gujarati language. This is for those who want their horoscope in the traditional native language format. These days you get charts in english, which may not be easy to read and understand by the traditional astrologers from the old school. The Horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth or your online horoscope in Gujarati has all the information you need to make the astrologer understand the chart and make a reading out of it. This horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth, time of birth and the place of birth creates your accurate birth chart with planetary positions, dasha and antardasa details for a lifetime on this Earth. The dates of the antardasha of the different planets is also provided. These information will help your astrologer to understand your horoscope in gujarati based upon the planet positions, the planets in prominence in your chart, the weak links and the proposed propitiations to correct them.

As with everything else, where they say the basic information needs to be right, to take the right action upon it, you need to get your janmakshar prepared correctly. With your correct date of birth horoscope in Gujarati, you can get your expert astrologer to work on it and give you readings based on your planet positions on your 12 houses. The astrologer then guides you on the right pratikar to be taken if there are any doshas in your free horoscope in gujarati. A quick look can show you if there is Sarpa dosha in your horoscope and she can suggest pratikar for rahu for you easily. Similarly, if you have a Manglik horoscope, she can suggest manglik dosha remedies for you. Thus it becomes clear that an accurate birth horoscope chart is mandatory for coming up with the correct solution for your problems.

The horoscope in gujarati by date of birth, time and the place of birth have been developed after many years of research, in consultation with many old astrology scriptures and the experts in the field of astrology. In your horoscope in gujarati language, the rashi chakra consists of 12 different areas in the drawing denoting the 12 rashis of astrology. The nine planets used in astrology are then placed in one the rashi chakra based on the planetary positions, to create your gujarati horoscope based on date of birth. Each of these houses reference a particular aspect of an individual's life. All of these may be interpreted by an expert astrologer, with the accurate horoscope in gujarati from ePanchang.

When many people are looking for horoscope in gujarati by date of birth, it obviously outlines the importance of date of birth in the preparation of horoscope. Some of us, may not accurately remember the time of birth. If that is the situation, the time of birth though may be identified in approximation, if you have some experience in astrology and horoscopy. For the expert astrologer, this may be child's play though. This is because the planet positions do not vary much during the day and only the lagna or in extreme cases of a cusp, will the rasi change to the next. The characteristics of the personality of the individual will clearly point out the rasi and lagna to our expert astrologer, whether it 2018, 2019 or 2019.

Very soon, ePanchang will offer services such as horoscope reading, in addition to your Horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth. There is also the ePanchang or favourable dates calendar you can use to identify the dates on which, when important actions are performed. will bring better results for the owner of the free Gujarati janmakshar. We recommend that you do not wait for long and get your horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth now and follow the ePanchang daily panchang in tandem with your horoscope and get that positive change in life.

Horoscope plans in Gujarati to help you in your endeavors

The Guajarati people are very peculiar about their horoscope and future predications before starting their day. It is quite a common thing that if you are a Guajarati business man, you generally go to the astrologers on a daily basis before starting your daily work routine. To make things easier for you, various astrologers are now also available on the Television who will tell you the Horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth to help you in deciding how to go about your day. These astrologers also provide you the services via the internet and there are various kinds of plans for the Horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth that you can choose for as per your budget and needs. Here are some brief elaborations about the horoscope plans that are offered by these astrologers to the people to make the things easier for you

Daily Horoscope plans

The daily horoscope plans are considered to be the best and the most reliable way to go about your business. You can sign up for daily Horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth from your astrologer which will help you in deciding about how to plan your day. What to do and what not to do so as you get the best possible result at the end of the day.

The astrologers will also help you in deciding the right dressing combinations for your day and whether or not to indulge in some specific activities based on the calculation that predicts your success in these activities.

Travel Horoscope

This is also a very common practice with people reverting to the astrologers to know whether the journey is going to be a happy one or will it pan out to be a forgettable one. You can get all the positives and negatives about your travel to any destination. You can also get your Horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth and know the right time and birth which is most suitable for you so that your journey ends up being a successful one and you are successful in your travel plans. Especially if you are a businessman, it is highly beneficial for you to plan your business tour as per your horoscope so that your tour plans are successful and you make the most of your business visits.

Love Horoscope

Some of you are very careful about your love life and look to make sure that everything falls in the right place by resorting to the Horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth about the love matters. The horoscope predictions by the astrologers can help you to propose your partner at the right time so that you get the best possible response.

When you sign up for the Horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth, the astrologers will help you to plan all the activities about your love life in a very convenient and fruitful manner. You can also go for weekly plans so as to know that how is your love life taking new twists and turns every week.

Double your fortune by finding the lucky wedding dates

Marriage is the most auspicious and the oldest tradition which is being followed across the world in different communities. Customs and rituals may differentiate marriage of one community from the other but it is of great importance in every religion and for every community. All the religions put their best efforts to make the marriage last long; hence they avoid doing such things which are not auspicious for the wedding. Right from finding the Auspicious wedding dates to performing the rites and rituals, everything is done according to the customs.

Significance of getting married on the auspicious date

According to the Hindu astrology system, it is said that if you get married at the auspicious wedding dates then all the worries and problems from your wedding life can be avoided. In case you get married on the dates other than the auspicious wedding dates or without consultation of the astrologer, then the couples are likely to face different problems in their wedding life. They may get into the financial troubles, threat to life, health problems, misunderstanding, incompatibility and many more problems in the relationship. Thus, to avoid the curse of destiny of the couple, elders of the families of boy and girl consult to their astrologer to find the right auspicious date for their marriage.

Best Wedding day in Hindus culture

According to the Vedic culture, Akshaya Tritiya is considered as the most prominent day to get married if you have not taken the auspicious wedding dates. The best time to get married is after the sun set as it marks the good time for the beginning of the longer relationship between the couples.

Inauspicious time for wedding

Some Nakshatra or stars are not good for the marriage dates so one should avoid getting married on such dates.

Karana like Bava, Kinstughna, Balava, Garaja, Kaulava, Taitila, Vanija are considered auspicious for wedding but the remaining four Karana are prohibited for marriage Shakuni, Vishti, Nagava, Chatushpada, as the marriage help in these Karanas will end with the death of husband and wife or will destroy the relationship completely.

Some couples prefer for court marriage due to objections from their families or want to get married on Birthdays and other days without finding the lucky wedding dates in such marriages, there are likely to occur many problems due to the inauspiciousness of the wedding dates. Hence, it is suggested to avoid wedding without finding the lucky wedding dates.

Finding the lucky wedding dates

To find the auspicious wedding dates, Kundali Match is done commonly. The position of the stars in the Kundali and date of birth of the boy and girl are compared to find the best suitable dates for their marriage.

Groom’s astrological position with relation to moon and the Bride’s astrological position with relation to Sun are determined to find out the lucky dates for their wedding.

There are some software which are designed by the professional astrologers, hence, it can also be used to find the lucky wedding dates.

Advanced methods to get your daily horoscope reading with ease

Horoscope is often a very key factor in your life and most of you are quite keen to have a listen to your Horoscope in Gujarati before starting your day. There are various facets that are described by your horoscope reading and you must give some good attention in order to avoid any mishap with you. There was a time when you needed to go to the famed astrologers for listening to your horoscope but the technology has seemingly changed everything and has a big influence on how you listen to your horoscope. Here are some of the easy ways in which you can listen and read your daily Horoscope in Gujarati or any other language which you want

By having an app in your mobile

This is one of the easiest and the most common way which is used by today’s generation for listening and reading of horoscope. There are various free and paid apps that are easily available on the Google playstore and the iOS store to help you have a good look at your horoscope. You can also have a good look on some of the factors like the compatibility with your lover, family and any major obstacle that may hamper your way just by going through a few touches.

Almost all the leading astrologers of India have got their own official app over which they broadcast the Horoscope in Gujarati, Marathi, English, Hindi and regional languages that are spoken around India. You can also get your horoscope in

foreign language from some special apps that are also available on the playstore.

But before adding these apps to your mobile phone, you must go for the ratings that are provided to them by various users along with the reviews that will help you to get the accurate and high-quality Horoscope in Gujarati. You must not go for the apps that have a low rating as it may not be that fruitful and just be a waste of time for you.

Going to the website

If you don’t have the mobile app, it is not much of a problem as you can still get your horoscope on your mobile and laptop by directly visiting the website of various astrologers. The horoscope is available in a plethora of languages including the Horoscope in Gujarati for the Gujarati people who are not that aware with the other languages.

You can also subscribe to the daily horoscope from some of these websites to get your horoscope reading via e-mail. While most of the astrologers provide this Horoscope in Gujarati for free, some of the famed ones may charge you a little for these readings. But, these charges are pretty less when you compare with face to face interactions and readings.

You can also look for other services such as the compatibility calculation, your good luck predictor, and first alphabet for your soul mate and various other things on these websites just by a few clicks of your mouse or a few touches on your Smartphone.