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ePanchang is a popular portal where you can get your horoscope in Kannada language. This is just one of the facilities that are on offer. Daily panchangam, your own personal auspicious dates and calendar, festival dates, muhurtham dates and much more are available at ePanchang.com.

Your horoscope in Kannada contains your basic details with the rasi chart and navamsa chart in Kannada. The rashi chart contains information of the planets in one of the 12 positions or houses. Apart from all these, your 120 years dasa and dasa bhukti details, with end dates of dasa and end date of bhukti are given in detail. If there are problems in your life, these details in your kannada horoscope will enable you to plan your life based on your dasas, perform the right parikaras at the appropriate time to propitiate the grahas and get your life back on track. My horoscope in Kannada by ePanchang, is very easy to interpret by expert astrologers. But, any horoscope is only as good as its interpretation. At the same time, the interpretation by even the best astrologer would be in vain, if the lagna position, rasi and navamsa chart are not accurate. Even in these days, there are astrologers who are able to detect the irregularities in any horoscope. But they are only a handful. The generic lot are those that will interpret and predict, based on the chart and the positions of the planets in the chart. If the chart is wrong, then the interpretation of the horoscope chart will also be not right. The perfect horoscope preparation of your horoscope in kannada and other languages is a result of many years of research, with much consultation with expert astrologers and referring many ancient books in astrology. The accurate positions of the planets are also the reason why the ePanchang kannada horoscope is perfectly charted based on the rules of astrology.

Astrology is called Jyotish or jyothisham, which literally means "science of light". Our horoscope cast by ePanchang, is based on this jyothish, which is meant to throw light on our present and past life, evaluating the chart of horoscope in kannada and interpreting the results, while striving to make it a better lived life for everyone. If there are any parikaras to be done, we do it to make things better for us. While we all interpret our horoscopes, it is essential to lead the right path in this life, because all that we do, comes back to us manifold, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The chart of horoscope in kannada indicates the positions of the planets. The lagna or the ascendant sign is the indicator to the character of the owner of the horoscope, the self. The 12 positions or the 12 houses in the rasi chart, each similarly, indicate one part of the life. For example, the 4th position pertains to the mother and material pleasures, the 7th house represents the spouse and married life while the 10th house represents the external you, your profession and your public face.

Even without going to the astrologer, based on the dasas and the dasa bhukti, you are able to identify the grahas that are dominant in your horoscope. Knowing the parikaras for those dasa and bhukti planets and performing them for oneself, will bring relief from disturbances in life. Thus, the dasa and bhukti in your horoscope in kannada is of much use to maintain one's life in good stead; is one of the features of the portal. You can also find horoscopes in different languages, in the north indian or south indian format, whichever you require. So, get your horoscope in Kannada free now. If you like the contents, spread the word.