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मराठी जन्म पत्रिका

ePanchang offers to prepare your most correct horoscope in marathi or मराठी जन्म पत्रिका using the ancient rules of horoscopy, with inputs taken from the old books of astrology and further inputs from learned men in astrology across the country. A correct preparation of the horoscope chart becomes most important before it can be taken to the astrologer for interpretation and prediction. A strong horoscope means a better life. The fact remains that the meaning of better differs from person to person. A person whose horoscope by date of birth is spiritually oriented, may not feel she is successful or be happy with all the material riches accumulated by her. On the other hand, a materialistically inclined individual may not be satisfied with the best life that nature has offered him, the cars, the bungalow, luxurious lifestyle and may want more and more. But, it is generally accepted that a life without poverty, without troubles in the family, a life without quarrels is what everyone aspires to have. But not everyone is so fortunate. Still, when you have a correct marathi janam patrika prepared, even using one of the online marathi horoscope software, it may be used to understand the life of the person and offer solutions for their problems. For this interpretation and providing of solutions, the correct marathi horoscope needs to be drawn.

Marathi Horoscope

A good look at my horoscope provides the experienced astrologer a reasonably good idea about the owner of the horoscope and his past and present. The favourable, inimical and neutral planets are seen clearly. The strong and weakly placed planets are understood. Your online horoscope in marathi is prepared based on the ancient rules of astrology and will be most accurate, with dasa bhukti or antardasa beginning and ending time. It also includes the dosha and indicates if the horoscope is afflicted with rahu kethu dosha, also called sarpa dosha and manglik dosha. The information got by interpreting the janam patrika, is used by the astrologer to provide advice to solve problems or reduce the harmful effects of the horoscope. These days the astrologers have stopped preparing the horoscope manually. Instead, they rely on the computer generated marathi horoscopes, which are more accurate and there is no room for error, which is possible when the horoscope is prepared manually.

Marathi horoscope by date of birth means all the details of the horoscope, the name and birth details of the native are in marathi language; the name of the planets and the positions, the rashi chart, the navamsa chart and all other information, including the dasa and antar dasha dates are in Marathi, to help your marathi astrologer understand and interpret your marathi horoscope elaborately. The horoscope in marathi has the names of the planets all in marathi. As you know, my marathi janam patrika online has 12 houses one for each rashi. The position of the planets are also different for individual horoscopes. Based on certain rules and the position of the planets in each of these houses, as the rashis are called, this free marathi horoscope is interpreted for every individual. Your Online Marathi horoscope also includes your major dasas in your life throughout and the antar dasas and their periods of prominence. This elaborate information helps your family astrologer make his prediction based on this. The advantage of the horoscope in marathi by ePanchang is that the process of creating a new horoscope for anyone is made extremely easy. The advantages of the online horoscope in marathi is that it makes life easier for the astrologers, who can spend their time in interpreting the horoscope rather than spend a lot of time preparing the horoscope.

If you are familiar with astrology, you will appreciate the fact that it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare an astrology chart or janam patrika, due to the various permutations and combinations. The instant horoscope in marathi for marriage or for keepsakes, saves a lot of time for the astrologer. In addition to that, the fact remains that when preparing a horoscope manually, there is a scope for error, because a human is involved. This human error is completely avoided in the case of your computer generated horoscope in marathi.

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How your horoscope can influence your life?

The horoscope and astrology is having a high significance especially in India from the ancient times and there are various people who take some very important decisions based on the horoscope. To help them out, it is now available in various languages like Horoscope in Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and other local languages. The horoscope is basically based on the movement of sun and moon and is not any superstition as some of you think about this.

Horoscope in Marathi helps you to know your personality better and also helps you to know about the difficulties that you can face in the near future. Here are some of the traits that are explained by the horoscope reading of any person.

Your nature

The most important thing that the horoscope lets you know is about your nature or how you are going to behave in the recent future. Most of you take to Horoscope in Marathi to analyze your behavioral characteristics and thus plan your recent events accordingly. None of you want to behave in an improper manner in some important events and thus look to these readings so as to find out whether or not it is correct to indulge in any activity or meet with someone during a particular day, week, month or year.

Good and Evil things

The second most important thing that the Horoscope in Marathi describes about your future is the things that will pan out to be very good for you and the things that can be a complete disaster for you. You are warned by the astrologers about some prospects and some of the people take help from the horoscope readers to determine whether something is good or not for them before investing their money or time in that activity. Especially in love matters, people look to make sure that whether their partner is bringing fortune with him/her or not before going for a lifetime relationships with them.

Lucky Number

Some of the people only listen to Horoscope in Marathi just in order to know their lucky number. Especially those who have a habit of betting have insane belief in these numbers and they always look to astrologers for Horoscope in Marathi about their lucky and unlucky numbers so that they can be mindful while placing their bets or investing in any big deal.

Businessmen also make use of these numbers to avoid doing something at these odd or unlucky hours so as to avoid any kind of misfortune in their business and carry it with ease. It is also been used to decide the ideal time to sign a new deal or start a new venture.

Your Political Image

The Horoscopes in Marathi are especially popular amongst the politicians as it is one of the most vulnerable professions. Amongst all the professionals, the politicians are more prone to getting into troubles and it is the major reason why almost everyone looks for an astrologer to convey the Horoscope in Marathi about their political image.