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Kundli in Hindi to help you in making future predictions

A kundli is an astrological chart which is used to highlight the position of each nine planets in relation to different house which represents the solar system by representing them graphically. The birth time of each individual represents the planet position and its base. These astrological charts called as Kundli in Hindi have created a belief and faith in the minds of people who follow Indian culture that these charts can very correctly tell about the nature and traits of a person.

Based on this art of telling the personal traits of a person his future can be prophesized. Since, this belief got significance and predicting future events become an art, this science of foretelling the future led to the utilization of kundli in Hindi language or for that matter in any language of Indian culture to determine the compatibility of one person to another is respect to an association of lifetime called marriage.

Kundli and Manglik Dosha

These charts called kundli or Kundli in Hindi can be used to reveal about various factors such as wealth, number of marriages, number of children and various other things which are important in life like education, career and health. A kundli in Hindi language used in northern India is also helpful in determining the manglik dosha in women. This condition generally occurs when the planet Mars settles in an unlikely house where it should not fall which in turn can cause destructive and harmful events in the life of a person associated to the manglik.

A marriage between manglik and non- manglik can become a cause of hard times for the husband and marriage causing lot of upheavals and turmoil in the marriage and it is delieved that it can may also result in untimely demise of the husband.

Handling manglik dosha

Using kundli in Hindi to determine whether a woman is cursed with manglik dosha does not mean the end of life for her and this dosha can be corrected by following proper rituals and practices.

Few practices to counter the manglik dosha are

  • An individual who is cursed with manglik dosha can first perform a kumbh vivaah where they can marry a banana or peepal tree to cure the curse.
  • It is believed in Hindu mythology that fasting can also help in getting rid of manglik dosha; such fast should be kept on Tuesday.
  • Chanting Gayatri mantra 1080 times a day or hanuman chalisa on daily basis can also help in getting rid from this curse.

A kundli in Hindi is prepared keeping in view the exact date and time of birth and any minor variations or misinformation can result in major differences in your horoscope. There are many match making websites nowadays which are providing kundli match making between prospective partners to let them decide better about the suitable and compatible spouse.

The task of kundli matching is not any minor activity rather it is dealt as a science which uses the sittings of planets of an individual to interpret the potentialities in future and unfavorable events if any and informing about the right course of action for any unsuitable events in future.

It is an art which is perfected by individuals called Vedic astrologers and should be practiced by them for its proper and constructive use.

Somebody was recently asking me if there is a Kundli in Hindi south indian style. ePanchang has just released a south indian style Kundli in Hindi apart from the regular northern style Kundli. This is the portal where you can get your north indian and south indian horoscopes in various Indian languages. Kundli in Hindi is only one of the many features available with ePanchang.com. Did you know that here, you can get predicted if a day will be good for you or not, for important activities that you may have planned. ePanchang recommends festival dates, muhurtham dates, in addition to your own auspicious dates and calendar and other.

Your Kundli in Hindi south indian style is a square chart, typical of the birth charts prepared south of the Deccan. This Kundli in Hindi contains your basic details. The rasi chart and navamsa chart are shown in the Hindi. The planetary positions are displayed and your 120 years' maha dasa and dasa bhukti details. The beginning and end dates of the maha dasas, followed by the bhukti ending dates are given in detail. Your kundli in hindi will also indicate if there are any doshas in your chart.

What does dasa and bhukti mean?

Dasa is the major planetary affection that is taking place for the owner of the horoscope. This usually is a long time. Throughout the dasa, there are minor time slices, each of which are attributed to the different planets. Sometimes, even the bhukti period is long, especially for planets like Jupiter and Saturn. For each of these periods, it is recommended that we go to the recommended places and perform austerities to save us from the ill effects of the dasa and bhukti. Perform the upay in the correct manner outlined and at the appropriate time will please the grahas and shower good will on the owner of the kundli. The Kundli in Hindi is only one of the features at the portal. There are quite a few features other than your Hindi Kundli, which is available in different languages, in the format that you require. So, Get my Kundli in Hindi free now. Also find your exclusive auspicious days for business and other activities.