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Horoscope in Malayalam language

Horoscope in Malayalam Is also called as Malayalam Jathakam. A jathakam in Malayalam is horoscope in Malayalam language. The horoscope is made keeping in consideration the Malayalam tradition and culture. Horoscope making in Malayalam follows more or less the same technique of determining the position of the celestial objects in the solar system at the time of the birth. The exact position of the objects in the solar system at the time of the birth determine the basic traits, future opportunities, success possibilities and a suitable marriage of a person.

Horoscope making and the process

Horoscope making or Malayalam Jathakam calculates the moon sign, the birth star and the ascendant. The jathakam follows determining the exact position of the planets in the solar system at the time of the birth. To make the exact and correct horoscope determining the position of the planetary objects at the time of the birth is very essential. The Malayalam Jathakam follows the traditional Vedic method to make the horoscope and their accuracy and correctness cannot be doubted.

The Malayalam horoscope gives details about the following aspects about an individual. The horoscope gives detail about the rashi, nakshatra, mangal, Budha, guru, rahu, ketu and shani stars of an individual and their positioning in the solar system.

Depending on the positioning of all these stars in the solar system a chart is prepared by the Vedic expert similar to the positioning in solar system. This chart helps in determining the traits of a person like his attitude, temperament, capabilities, their strengths and various other personality traits. Apart from personality traits the Malayalam Jathakam also informs about the success possibilities, suitability of marriage and other such factors.

Importance of horoscope making

Horoscope for match making – The most important and significant use of horoscope is for the purpose of match making. Horoscope for match making uses the horoscope of both the girl and the boy. The horoscope for both the girl and the boy is matched keeping in mind the position of the planets in the solar systems at the birth of both individuals. This helps in determining the suitability of the boy and the girl against each other. Various aspects of compatibility like temperament, compassion, and love for each other in marriage, attitude, prospect of child birth and suitable growth and prosperity all are determined. The Malayalam Jathakam gives handy and proper information about all these aspects of compatible match making which is highly suitable in arriving at a conclusion regarding fair and suitable matchmaking.

Malayalam Jathakam is also quite helpful and advantageous in giving the right idea about auspiciousness of certain events on certain time and date. Horoscope with the help of vedic hindu calendar gives the exact idea about the auspiciousness of certain date and time for doing any auspicious work like purchasing a land, a house or starting a business.

Malayalam horoscope and online reach

Online horoscope has gained considerable popularity in recent times. Due to busy schedules of Vedic professional fixing an appointment with them gets quite tough. To solve this problem you can always take the help of online tools like horoscope software and apps to get your horoscope reading quite effectively and easily. Online horoscopes in Malayalam language are quite popular and there are many people who use digital platform to get their horoscope reading.

Your malayalam jathakam is calculated based on accurate planetary information and provided for in the malayalam script for easy interpretation by your favourite astrologer. The adisthana vivarangal, the rasi chakram, grihanila and life time dasa and dasa bhukti details are shown in your malayalam jathakam with the end date of each dasa. The starting date and ending date of the bhukti or the differing grahanila during the major dasa is also provided. This will enable your astrologer to interpret your future based on the position of the planets and the planets that are in prominence and dominance during the given time. If you do not wish to go to the astrologer, just making the proper pujas and karmas for the dasa and bhukti planets that are mentioned in your malayalam jathakam or kerala style horoscope regularly and praying to them during the mornings and evenings is bound to bring an end to your problems in life.

Eminent and powerful astrologers of past had the maximum knowledge in this science and were even able to predict what would happen in the next few minutes. Thus was their hold on the science of astrology. This is all based on predefined rules. The rules and exceptions are so much that it takes superhuman efforts and memory to grasp it all in the human mind and bring them out at will. Such experts are rare to find these days and this was the reason ePanchang took shape in the form of a free portal for everyone to use. ePanchang takes into account all the ground rules of astrology to get your malayalam jathakam prepared in less time that it takes to count 1, 2, 3.

Based on the rules of astrology, the placement of the planets in your malayalam jathakam rasi chakram and the navamsa chakram may be interpreted with much accuracy. In your jathakam, the rasi chakram consists of 12 different boxes that represent the 12 houses or the rasis. Each of the nine planets are placed in one or more of these rasis and based on their position, the malayalam rasi chart is interpreted. Each of these houses indicate a specific aspect of an individual's life. All these may be interpreted with the accurate grahanila in malayalam from ePanchang.

In your malayalam jathakam, did you know that each of the houses in your rasi chakram, indicate one part of your life? Do you also know that planets positioned in each of these houses indicate a certain influence in your life and will have good, not so good or neutral effects in that part of your life story.

Someone was indicating that she does not know her time of birth. How do I create my malayalam jathakam when I do not know the time, she asked. It is not very difficult, actually to find the birth time of a person born on a certain day, at a certain place. According to the movement of the planets, the lagnam changes from one to another in approximately two hours, every day. It may be more or less though. And the lagnam is the blue print of an individual's characteristics, physical, mental and emotional. An expert astrologer is easily able to judge the lagnam of an individual in the malayalam jathakam, based on the character of the individual. And the approximate time the boy or girl was born is established without much ado. Though these may not be exact timings, they provide an indicative to the life and times of that individual, to a large extent.

In addition to malayalam jathakam, ePanchang also offers many value additions like the panchangam, which means that for the rest of your life, you may rest assured that each of your activities are performed at the right times, helping you plan your life, continuously.

Get your malayalam jathakam from ePanchang, now and feel the difference.