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North indian horoscope free by ePanchang; your popular portal for daily panchang. A panchang is a report about the day that will be and based on the planetary positions of the day. Each one of us is born at a different time, date and place. And so, each one of us has the nine grihas [nine planets] and the twelve rashis affecting us in a certain manner. This will be your free north indian horoscope which will display the planetary positions at the time of birth. For those who do not believe in astrology and the planets and the rashis, here is an analogy. Doing important things after consulting the panchang for good time is like going to your boss and asking for a raise, when he is blessed with a baby boy that he was expecting eagerly. Your wish will be fulfilled most definitely.

ePanchang prepares your free north indian horoscope with your place of birth, date of birth and time of birth as inputs. This will get the snapshot of the position of the planets during that time. Your free north indian horoscope is based on the position of the planets in the 12 rashis, based on the rules of astrology, your north indian horoscope free chart is prepared with the rasi chart and navamsa chart. The basic chart indicates your rashi, lagna and nakshatra in your horoscope. The dasha and antardasha details are also provided for 120 years for life. The dasha and antardasha details are important for us to make important decisions in life and tell us to make dosha upay in times of turbulence such as Shani dasha. Making visits to the Shani temple and lighting gingelly oil lamp at the temple are the common upay made during Shani dasha. Shani is a karaka of wisdom born out of experience, asceticism, non-attachment, spirituality and time itself. Effectively, Shani moulds ones mind and atma to make one a better soul. This was just an example. For lagna such as Thula and Mesha, though, Shani is said to bring in benefits.

Lagna is an important aspect and is the ascendant rising sign, which indicates the character of the individual in the north indian horoscope free report of yours. The lagna is the mirror of the person that you are.

So, we can plan our life based on our dasas, doshas, and perform the right upays at the appropriate time to please the grahas to keep our life without too many worries. The north indian horoscope free is just one of the offerings by ePanchang. Apart from hindi, ePanchang also offers horoscopes in tamil, telugu, bengali, marathi, gujarati and many more, in both north indian and south indian style. Get your north indian horoscope free for yourself and friends now.